How important is it for both of us to take this product?
For the highest possible chance of success we suggest both the man and the woman take the Conceive pills during the same time.

Can a woman take the men's product?
No. Both of these products are formulated only for the gender it was designed for. Taking the wrong product have no effect on you or could even lower your fertility levels.

What is the recommended dosage?
The recommended dose is 1 pill twice a day (usually morning and evening). Each bottle contains 60 pills which equats to a month's supply.

How long will do I have to wait before I become pregnant?
Because this is a completely natural herbal product, it needs time to build up in your system. Both men and woman taking this product will be at maximum fertility levels within 3 weeks of use, and usually conception will happen any time between then and 3 months from then. In the most rear cases it may take up to 6 months.

How often do we need to be having sex?
Ovulation almost always happens 13-16 days before your expected period date. This is the time frame when you are at your highest fertility levels and most likely to become pregnant. Healthy sperm can live inside the vagina for up to 4 days, even though the egg can only survive for 1 day. So for your greatest chances of becoming pregnant we suggest you have sex as many times as possible between 19 and 13 days before your normal period date.

Is there any side effects I could expect?
Both of these products are generally well tolerated and you should not experience any adverse side effects, if you do find you are suffering any side effects what so ever, we suggest you stop taking the pills immediately and consult your doctor or health professional. If you are on any medication or have any serious health concerns, we suggest that you review the ingredients with your doctor or medical practitioner first.

What options do you offer to pay?
The easiest and safest way to order is online with your credit card on our 256 bit secure ordering page. But alternatively you may contact one of our friendly staff to discuss alternative methods of payment, these include Western Union and bank transfer.

How long will it take before I get my order?
Orders are normally processed for delivery and dispatched within 24 hrs, delivery times can differ depending on your location and the shipping method you select. All orders are shipped from New Zealand. We have 2 shipping options that can be chosen once you navigate through to the billing page:

  • "Airmail" - typically takes 5 – 12 days
  • "Express courier" - typically takes 2 – 5 days and includes a tracking number.

Do you guarantee your product?
Yes we most definitely do. We feel as strongly about these issues as you do and feel that it is every woman's right to have child of their own! So we have decided to break the mould of the more traditional guarantees and so we guarantee that if you have not fallen pregnant within 6 months of taking our fertility pills we will give you a full refund no questions asked. 99% of our customers become pregnant within 3 months.

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